This is not the “one design process” to follow every time. It’s simply a cheat sheet to lead me to the right questions.

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Zofia Mrugacz is a designer, transitioned from (real) architecture into UX/UI.
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Impressions of a UX designer travelling in Japan

Always wanted to visit — finally, did — and got oh-so enchanted by the many wonderful experiences from a designer’s point of view… it’s always about the little things, here’s a small compilation of my favourites:

1. Numbered metro stations
This is such a useful feature! Each metro station has a…

Case study no. 4 at General Assembly

Brief create a crowdfunding website for scientists to:
- Engage scientists in creating profiles and content.
- Make the website a go-to place for scientific research.
- Help scientists in gaining more funds.

UX Team Ben, Timileyin, me
Duration 2 weeks


To find out how other crowdfunding websites work, we’ve…

Case study no. 3 at General Assembly

Integrate Air France’s current, in-flight services into a mobile-first, responsive website or a native mobile or tablet application.

UX Team: Dylan, Jason, me
Duration: 2 weeks

Competitive Analysis

First, we looked at the Competitors, to have a good overview of what the current situation is in regards to the mobile based…

Case study no. 2 at General Assembly


With a crisply fresh brief in hand and a two-week timeframe, I was ready to carry out all the necessary UX methodologies I’d learnt so far at GA. The challenge was to create a web-based shopping experience for a local sporting goods shop in London. So let’s start with…


Online shop goals

Case study no. 1 at General Assembly

What’s your daily challenge?

In my first week of the UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly, I worked with Jin to solve one of her main daily challenges. The goal was to create a lo-fi app prototype.

Just after a few minutes of conversation with Jin, we’ve identified her problem: she’d love to…

Zofia Mrugacz

UX designer. Divergent thinker. Daily cartoonist. Eager reader. Superhost.

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